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Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Zuppio Navigator consists of three tabs:
    • Zuppio Home tab (contains functionality documentation and activity statistics).
    • Zuppio Organizations tab (allows to authorize new organizations and manage existing ones).
    • Zuppio Jobs tab (intended to run metadata deployments and execute anonymous apex).
  2. First of all navigate to Zuppio Organizations tab and authorize your customer organizations.
    • Press Authorization button.
    • Choose organization type.
    • Enter credentials.
  3. Next go to Zuppio Jobs tab to create your first job.
  4. Press New button and follow the New Job wizard (you can skip 'Targets' and 'Steps' and populate them later):
    • Name your job and optionally supply it with some description.
    • Add Source organization and choose one of the installed managed packages to work with.
    • Confirm you choice.
  5. Open your newly created job:
    • Add at least one Target org (you can manage this list in the future).
    • Add at least one step (you can manage this list in the future).
    • Choose step(s) and Target org(s).
    • Press Validation button to validate your job or Execute button to deploy your changes from Source to Target org(s).
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