Use Zuppio as part of your delivery pipeline - connect your Git and automate deploys on any number of target orgs.

Zuppio can be used as a CI/CD tool and be a part of your complex development pipeline – connect your github or bitbucket,
enable webhooks (or don’t and instead deploy whenever you see fit) and your job will be executed on every code change in
the repository, deploying repo contents onto as many targets as you need in mdapi or SDFX format and running other steps in
the job.

Like everything else in Zuppio, you can execute the deployment on any number of target orgs you need.

Webhooks work similar how they work in AWS CodeBuild Projects. So you select the repository and branch, and if you
selected the option to setup the webhook then ZuppIO adds the webhook to the VSC and executes the job when the webhook trtiggers.

Zuppio CI/CD Feature


Please, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We would also be happy to hear your honest feedback, good or bad, it will help us to improve our product.

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