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Tab Style is the attribute of the managed Tab which can be edited by the Subscriber. When the ISV changes the tab style (or defines a new custom icon), these changes will not be delivered to the subscribers by the package upgrade.

tab styles

What’s updated by Zuppio:

  • All managed tabs are copied as is from source to the target org.
  • All related icons are copied ‘as is’ (as Document) from source to the target org.

What’s ignored by Zuppio:

  • Managed tabs which exist on source but not on target.
  • Managed tabs which reference custom icons which don’t exist in target org.
  • Managed tabs with renamed labels.

To deploy Tabs Styles you should add a step to a job and run it:

  • Open Job.
  • Press New Step button.
  • Name your step.
  • Select Tabs Styles type.
  • Select what you want to deploy:
    • Choose ‘All tab styles’ to deploy styles for all managed Tabs.
    • OR Choose ‘Select tab styles’ to select specific managed Tabs from available list.
  • Save your changes.
  • Select your new step.
  • Select at least one Target org.
  • Choose one of two actions:
    • Press Validation button to run a job in ‘checkonly’ mode.
    • OR Press Execute button to apply your changes to Target org(s) without validation.
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