Known Issues

Connected App has the same name as the Managed Package

If your managed package includes a connected app with the same name as the managed package, Zuppio is unable to retrieve the managed package and necessary metadata. Basically, this completely prevents Zuppio from working with your managed package.

This is a known issue and is currently marked as User Story by the Salesforce Support Center, so we’re waiting on its resolution.

Custom ‘Admin’ Profile

If you create a custom Admin profile with the name ‘Admin’ or ‘System Administrator’, there is no way for Zuppio to retrieve the standard System Administrator profile due to a known bug.

This issue affects the functionality of Zuppio ‘Mass Profile Updates’ and makes it impossible to perform a post-install update of a standard System Administrator profile. The page layouts assignments (deployed with page layouts) and flexipage assignments (profile assignments) functionality is also affected.

Currently, the Salesforce Support Center is working on fixing this issue.

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