The next huge milestone in our product development – our team has worked hard to improve Zuppio even further and is now happy to announce Mass Access Request!

So what is this wonderful feature that we and our clients have been looking forward to?

Let’s review the situation: you have hundreds of subscribers orgs and decided to add Zuppio to the list of your DevOps tools. But then, at the orgs authorization stage, it turns out that you simply don’t have access to most of your subscribers orgs. And you would have to contact every customer, request his login details, explain why you need it – and so on at each organization. It is even hard to imagine how long this can take. Also, not many clients are usually willing to hand over all their access data in this way.

Not so long ago, this could have been a huge hassle for Zuppio usage. You might have thought “How can this product help me if I can’t get all subscribers orgs authorized anyway and don’t have access to them”. And we did receive such messages from our clients, did not ignore them and did our best to solve the problem.

Mass Access Request is finally here

With Mass Access Request you can request permission to access your subscribers organizations on the fly. There are two ways – you can either request access to any org individually or make a bulk access request to the organizations list from your LMA(License Management App) or Environment Hub. In this case, we will automatically get all the necessary information and send email requests with authorization links directly to your subscribers.

Of course, we have made this process safe and secure, so the client could authorize the organization on his own without sharing the credentials and let you use Zuppio without any obstructions.

Again, the process of requesting access is not time-consuming at all and easy to do, just one press of a button – the process is up, you’re well on your way to connecting all your customers organizations to Zuppio and getting on with your work. And that is how it’s done – hurry up and give Mass Access Request feature a try!

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